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Comino Grando Review – Liquid-Cooled GPU Powerhouses published an outstanding review of two Comino Grando units equipped with AMD Threadripper PRO CPUs and either 4xA100 or 6x4090 GPUs. We're thrilled to announce that Grando has received the "Storage Review Best of 2024" award. What's even more exciting is that the review includes in-depth unboxing videos revealing the system's intricate design. Interested in learning how we accommodate up to six 450W GPUs in a 4U chassis while ensuring optimal performance? Be sure to take a look!

Unlock the power of performance with Sentdex!

"A lot of inference power comes from this Powerhouse machine from Comino which has not one, not two, not three - it has six 4090s inside!"

Harrison Kinsley, the coding maestro aka Sentdex, dives into the ultimate tech thrill with the Comino Grando Server featuring a mind-blowing 6x RTX 4090s! Curious to witness the tech magic? Catch the action via the link.






When used for high-load operations, computing hardware overheats quickly and often go dead in less than a year, not even having paid off. Comino solutions ensure a stable long-term operation under persistent high load, thanks to the high-performance integrated Comino liquid cooling systems.


Top-end air-cooled GPUs require 2-3 slots of space in workstations, which reduces the amount of GPUs that can be physically installed into a system. Thanks to liquid cooling, our workstations and servers are up to 4 times denser than a typical air-cooled solutions.


Typical air-cooled workstations and servers are extremely noisy, especially when operating at full capacity. Comino systems are at least two times quieter than the air-cooled ones of similar spec.

Easy Maintenance

Сomino systems are built with the easy maintenance in mind, despite the fact they are liquid-cooled. Which means, thanks to Comino QDCs, it is as easy to replace the CPU or a GPU in Grando systems, as in air-cooled ones, without the need to drain the system.

Warranty and Support

We offer round-the-clock online customer support and provide a warranty for the device for a period of up to 3 years.

Stable Operation in Warm Environment

Due to the data center grade liquid-cooling system, utilised in Comino systems, they can operate in warmer climates under full load in 24/7 mode.

Beautiful Design

Obviously, the GPU Workstation is a working tool, but who doesn't like to show off their tools sometimes? And that means it should look stylish. Our designers have got you covered!

Easy to Use

We provide a turnkey solution: just plug it in, and it's ready to use. Our devices come configured to your needs, so you don't have to worry about it.


High Quality. Built in EU.