Frequently Asked Questions

How to order OTTO?
What shipping company do you use for shipping OTTO?
Is shipping cost included in OTTO price?
What are the size and weight of OTTO?
Is the front panel of the Otto colorless?
Is the case only available in silver?
What is the warranty period for OTTO?
Is a liquid cooling system better than air-cooled?
How loud is Comino Otto?
Can I upgrade ОТТО in future?
What coolant is used in OTTO? Do I need to renew it from time to time?
Can I have OTTO with color coolant?
What Comino devices can be used for?
How much heat does the device produce? How can I know whether this is a lot or not?
How much electricity do your devices consume?
Will my room turn into a sauna?
Is it possible to connect the device to the house water system?
Is there a Wi-Fi option?
What are the size and weight of Comino N1?
Does it work when it's humid?
At what temperatures does the device work normally?
What about warranty and lifetime?
Is it possible to install my software inside Comino?
When ETH switches to POS, how can I use Comino? / What happens when ETH goes POS?
Can I change the video cards myself?
Can I sell cards if they become obsolete?
What the hashrate is?
What is the device noise level?
Do you update the machine at all after a longer time? The software?
Is that possible to dual-mine?
Why is Comino so expensive?
How much dust does the device collect?
What is Comino's efficiency?
How many ETH and ZCash per month on average can I get on one COMINO?
How quickly will Comino pay off? How can this be calculated?
What is the recommended type of power supply? Is a separate power supply needed?
What is the recommended internet connection to use with the miners? Is regular DSL wifi connection ok, or is cable internet or other high-speed connection needed?
What differs Comino from other miners?
What nozzle do I need to remove the case cover?
Can I regulate the heat release? What shall I do in summer?
What cryptocurrencies can Comino mine right now?
It [Comino N1] has a sleek clean look and pretty compact, although I do have to ask the point of watercooling for ETH hash algo? This mak...
I used the 106 gpu. It is mid range not high end gpu. It is like a 1060....
How to connect two different PSUs?
Damn. The product looks like an amazing piece of engineering. However....
Is it worth mining?